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Pinhole Surgical Technique

The pinhole surgical technique is the latest innovative gum surgery for receding gums invented by Dr. Chao. Many of us are suffering from painful root sensitivity due receding gum line. The recession of gum is caused by many reasons such as excessive brushing, occlusal trauma on the teeth that are involved due to malocclusion, excessive nocturnal grinding of teeth, over expansion of jaw during orthodontic treatments, and so on. The exposed dentins due to recession of gums in oral cavity caused lots of root sensitivities and pains for most of us. Traditionally, receding gums are treated by free gingival graft surgeries and the recovery period of the surgeries are prolong due to two surgical sites are involved. People who had free gingival surgeries most often complained of moderate pain and swellings. The PST (pinhole technique) is the most minimally invasive gum surgery to treat recession of gums involving no incision and minimal post operative swelling and discomfort. I am one of few dentists fortunate enough to provide the pinhole technique to everyone who are suffering from sensitivities due to receding gums with blessing of Dr. Chao, the creator of the pinhole technique.


Dr. John Chao shows the Pinhole Surgical Technique on the Dr. Steve Show

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